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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Break From Routine

Well, the blog is trundling along, and despite not posting since September, I manage to get on average one view per day.  Though, actual feedback has been somewhat lacking.  This is a story I want to tell, but I'm not even sure if I'm telling it well, or even if I should continue to bother.  I resolved a number of months ago to not continue to post until I got some comments posted, and take any constructive criticism or praise on board.

So, read the posts below, in order, and hopefully I will gain some interest, or at least inspire you to leave a few words.  Enough traffic will inspire me to continue where I left off, and I promise you all, it's about to get really good...

S L Crook


  1. Rough around the edges, it needs more work, but the story is there, it just needs to unfold.

  2. Here is some free advice: The point of a blog is to share it with your family and friends and when they see how terrific it is, they forward on to their friends, and that is how you get noticed. I'm sure your family would be proud of your work.