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Monday, August 16, 2010

A Sharp Object in Some Kind of Stack

Would you believe it? Publishers and literary agents are beating a path to my door. You wouldn't believe it, and no one could call you a fool. Near as I can tell, I'm completely unread. That's really not surprising. For every Steve Dublanica and Jen Lancaster, there must be a million others blindly stabbing away at keyboards expressing their own insights, observances and opinions. I've read a handful of these, and it's not shocking that they haven't been optioned as legitimate print media. Most of it is just ordinary life told in an ordinary fashion. Who the fuck would even want to read it? Perhaps even if you take into account those blogs of the masses which are actually well written, that's still quite a long reading list. On the most part, even these that could be considered worthy of publication may only have a solid following of a handful, people who are very likely to know the blogger personally. Hardly a leapfrog to immortality there.

Which is where my up-rise into notoriety is stalling somewhat, as I've begun this endeavor as an anonymous blog. As a real person, I don't exist, and lacking that I can't even count on friends to pick up and read these stories.

I've come to the conclusion that I need to invent myself, as far as is virtually possible by giving my alter ego an email account and Facebook page. Let's see how far that gets us. All I know is that when the cheques start coming in, they'd better have my real name on them.

Speaking of names, I actually had to come up with that, having in mind that the "S L" would always remain initials and nothing more, but Facebook outfoxed me yet again. So say hello to Samuel Laughlin Crook.

Just a word of advice if you happen to be joining me at this point, the posts will mostly be sequential so reading from the beginning sue would help to forestall confusion. As for the purpose of the blog itself, I'm relating a number of different stories from my life using a particular series of events that occurred in the fall of 2000 as the central bridge, from which I will digress from time to time to include memories, anecdotes and thoughts as they occur. Please do stick around, it's bound to get more interesting as time goes on. I promise

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